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Our Story

How we started recycling.

Agri.Cycle began farm plastic recycling in 2004. As farmers, we understood the importance of a simple, but effective, solution to ensure their plastic waste could be dealt with in the correct way that benefits both the farmer and the farm itself.
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I started Agri.Cycle back in 2004 as a cost effective, efficient solution to compliance with impeding environmental legislation brought in by the EU. We have continued to develop our business to maintain a service that has the farm and farmer at the heart of every decision we make at Agri.Cycle. No matter how big or small, Agri.Cycle’s ambition is to ensure the nation’s farm plastic is dealt with in a responsible, sustainable and green way.

Robert Moore, Managing Director, Agri.Cycle Limited

A farming family business, setup for farming families.
Our business was setup with every farm and farmer in mind. No matter the size, the location or farming you do, Agri.Cycle was borne out of a necessity to ensure agriculture is a sustainable industry. We understand the importance of looking after our countryside and so offering an easy, sustainable solution to correctly dispose of any farm plastic waste. Our service is a straightforward process that ensures the customer has no worry of their material being disposed of correctly and that their waste is disposed of responsibly. By recycling with Agri.Cycle, you ensure that your farm plastic is processed in the correct manner.

Since formation, we have developed a network of collection points across the country so that farmers across the UK can take advantage of our service. Most collection points offer a service to collect your farm plastic or alternatively deliver it in. If there is not a collection point near you, do not worry! Get in touch with Agri.Cycle head office and we can find a solution that satisfies all involved.
At the point of transfer of your waste, you will be provided with all relevant paperwork to comply with any assurance scheme and agricultural waste legislation.
Recycling & renewables are our foundations.
In our quest for finding solutions to make our business operations more sustainable, in 2014, we implemented a solar panel roofing and the installation of a solar park in one of our fields. By harnessing the power of the sun, it helps to reduce our carbon footprint and continue to combat climate change.
A living site.
Agri.Cycle is not just a recycling centre, but a living breathing site. As part of our green credentials, we began rewilding and reforesting parts of our surrounding farm. In 2019, we planted deficient arable farmland with 8500 saplings. We have continued to rehabilitate the land around the site through our reforesting programme and planting wild flowers to encourage greater biodiversity and wildlife at Agri.Cycle.

We have also had the privilege to be able to revert some of our farmland back to grazing for our cattle. There is a predisposition towards cattle that they are environmentally destructive. However, with correct management, they can be a sustainable farming practice. Returning farmland to grassland increases biodiversity, helps maintain a healthy soil ecosystem and acts a carbon sink.
Agri.Cycle continues to find solutions to make our working practices efficient and sustainable. Our two latest investments in the site do exactly that!

The first investment has meant we don’t just recycle plastic but we can now recycle the water we use too! Using our state-of-the-art dissolved air flotation (DAF) system, we treat the wastewater from our on-site recycling processes so that we can keep reusing the water over and over again. With water increasingly becoming scarce, our DAF system is a cornerstone of Agri.Cycle sustainable practice. We wouldn’t recommend drinking the water, however!

Then in 2021, we invested in a new plastic baler. This baler produces larger, denser bales which means we can haul greater amounts of plastic in fewer trips. Our investment in an improved baler is another step to reducing our carbon footprint to become a carbon neutral business.
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        If you have any more specific questions about any of our services, then don’t hesitate to get in touch, or read more about our specific capabilities in recycling.
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        Frequently Asked Questions.

        From actively talking with farmers at open meetings, farm visits and conferences about the EEC waste directive and its impact on British Agriculture, we’ve come up against some common questions and concerns:
        Will my farm plastic be recycled?
        Yes, last year only 2.5% of plastic collected by Agri.Cycle was sent to landfill. Using Agri.Cycle ensures that your plastic waste is processed responsibly.
        Why do I need to separate my farm plastic?
        Separation is the key to recycling. By separating your plastic into the different waste products, you ensure that your plastic waste can be recycled, reprocessed and reused again. We expect as a customer of Agri.Cycle, you adhere to segregating any material recycled with us.
        What about caps and foils?
        Caps and foils from spray containers must be placed in a separate bag to the rest of the spray container. This bag, if tied off, can be placed inside the spray container bag.
        Will I receive the paperwork needed for farm assurance schemes?
        Yes, all customers receive Waste Transfer Notes for all material they recycle with Agri.Cycle. The Waste Transfer Note is the important document that all assurance schemes are looking for to demonstrate that you are dealing with your material responsibly.
        Why charge PAYG?
        We understand that the quantity of waste that you produce, as a farm, can vary year after year. To accommodate this, we only charge on the bags of material you bring in.
        What does Agri.Cycle not take?
        Agri.Cycle will take all agricultural plastics and cardboard, the only thing we ask is that the material is segregated and as free from contaminants as possible. We aren’t expecting your waste to be squeaky clean; it has come off a farm after all! We will not take hazardous waste or other waste you find on farms.
        How clean does the waste have to be?
        We expect all spray containers to be triple rinsed, all fertilizer, feed and seed bags to be as empty as possible, and try to remove contaminants from silage wrap and sheeting, crop cover, and any other agri-plastic that is disposed of using Agri.Cycle.
        Does different farm plastic cost varying amounts to recycle?

        Yes, the cost to recycle your farm plastic varies from product to product. To learn more, please get a quote.

        Do I keep the bags?

        If you purchase (or deposit for Dumpy & Midi) Agri.Cycle bags, these are replaced on a like for like basis.

        Do I need to be there when my plastic is collected?

        Ideally, the farm owner or manager would be there when disposing of waste as they are legally responsible for the correct disposal of their farm waste. For loading purposes, it is necessary to have someone there to assist the driver loading the material.

        There isn’t a franchise near me, where can I recycle?

        If there is not a franchise near you, please contact Agri.Cycle head office who will be able to offer you an alternative arrangement. This could be that you are placed on a milk round service, directed to a nearby intake day, or we will come and collect your material directly!

        Is Agri.Cycle Green Tractor assured?

        Yes, we are proud to be a founding member of The Green Tractor Scheme. This means that farm plastic recycled with Agri.Cycle has The Green Tractor seal of approval that retailers and other agri-businesses are increasingly looking for from farmers.

        Any other questions?

        Always get in touch with the head office if you have any other questions. Our friendly office team are always on hand to answer any recycling queries you may have.